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Posted on: May 25, 2012

Welcome to the JH Minecraft blogs

I will be updating my blogs once a week, but I will try to get stuff onto here more.

So the reason for this blog is so other people can see my views and opinions on the Xbox 360 port on Minecraft.

I started playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 the week it was released (May 9th 2012), it was the first time of playing it, my misconceptions of Minecraft before playing it were; this game is for kids and I will never play it, that sort of mentality.

After stumbling upon TheSyndicateProject on Youtube, I watched #181 episode and Tom/Syndicate, was very welcoming, which I always like in a Youtuber, and he made me laugh, the next day, I watched #182 but Tom wasn’t there I thought, it was somebody else, who was less welcoming and very loud, so I watched the first five minutes and then turned the video off, I thought it was one of those Youtube channels which had multiple users, which I don’t like mainly because you can’t subscribe to the specific person on that Youtube account that you like.

Next time I was on Youtube, I watched the next few videos on TheSyndicateProject, and found out that Tom is good at different voices/accents, and after learning this, I subscribed expecting the great quality videos that I watched the first time, and I have to say that I enjoy his videos immensely and I watch his videos every day. He has taught me a lot about Minecraft just by watching a few videos. I know he has different mods and texture packs for the PC version, which I find amazing as they can change the game, I hope people will create new textures and release them for the Xbox version, as I would like that, as I’m sure many other’s would too. The only issue is that people creating these textures will have to be created by 4JStudios, Mojang or Microsoft, no users will be able to create texture packs like they have done on the PC version. This might make people shy away from the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft

So the first day was more about getting used to the controls that this version had, I must of made a few…many…a lot of errors when playing the game, as everyone does with a new game, having to get used the control setup is a massive learning stage in the game as, if the controls are too difficult to understand the game will be less enjoyable. I found using the controls easy to use, anyone could play and even my grandparents could play it after a day or two of learning how to play it.

The next thing to do was to have a go at mining, using my hands at first, as I didn’t know where to find anything, so just started digging with my hands, I mined the tree and picked up the wood, I then looked around and found some sand, and picked that up as well, then found some sandstone, and I thought I would just use my hands, after mining the sandstone for a few seconds longer than normal sand, I walked over it and picked up nothing, to my dismay, I tried doing it again, but again didn’t pick up anything, so I checked the crafting menu, and found that I could make sandstone from the sand I’d collected, and also make a crafting table from the wood I’d collected.

Thanks for reading, more next week.



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