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Finding and Building | Coal | House

Posted on: May 30, 2012

So where were we up to in the last blog? I had created a crafting table,

By this time it was going dark, I thought create a little house, but it went dark fairly quickly, I created a door and used all the blocks that I had mined, and having no bed, which meant night took as long as the day, Having waited and waited for the light to creep back onto the map, it finally appeared once again, my aim was to get a basic house structure setup, or somewhere to sleep at least.

Then I used the crafting table to see what was required for a bed to be built (A feature which I think is very good in the Xbox version, as when you start playing for the first time ever, you don’t need to worry about knowing the combo’s to create things and is rumoured to be moving over to the PC version), In need of three blocks of wool and three wooden planks. I set out looking for a sheep, found one!, hit it and it produced three blocks of wool, then started the laborious process of mining wood from a tree, having mined the tree for all the blocks (Within reach), I set out to the crafting table, I selected the bed and made it, and kept it on me, Thinking if I place it and then move I’m going to forget where it is. Luckily, the land was full of sheep, and wood, so I had no issues there.

The rest of the wood went into to making wooden pickaxes, meaning I could mine stone, without it disappearing, also making it quicker to obtain, I started mining in the closest cluster of stone, the stone cluster wasn’t very big, but big enough to make a small house, the stone just fell into place, the house wasn’t very pretty to say the least or even very big, but that’s something that will be addressed in later updates. I stuck the roof on and placed the bed it was still light, so I mined some more stone, knowing I would need it later on, but night was creeping back up on me. (Excuse the pun). Rushing to get the door on, I failed in placing the door at least twice maybe more!

I set out to find coal to light up my little house, as it was really dark, so out to find coal and this wasn’t an easy thing, considering, I had no idea where the coal would be, I just dug a small trench, away from the house, but not too far as to lose it, so I dug and dug, and found three blocks of coal, and thought jackpot, I can get 12 torches out of it, which I did, placed them but they weren’t enough, so it wasn’t a jackpot at all.

Thanks for reading, more next week.



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