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The Search for Coal | Xbox 360

Posted on: June 7, 2012

My aim was to search for a huge seam of Coal as I knew I would need a lot of it to develop my house, to create glass etc, but mainly to create glass, so off I went to the same trench I had dug, with a thought of making it bigger to help with the coal finding, started making the trench wider and longer as it would be the best way to find Coal.

I had the hard job of clearing a lot of stone and mud, but mostly mud, this meant I had to make pickaxes and shovels, very tedious, but also very rewarding, I had figured out a plan, I would dig the mud up first and then move onto the stone, and dig a level at a time, so I started making the trench wider and everything was going well, I had dug three levels of mud and stone, and it was going dark, and I tried getting out of my trench,  and could I?…. No was the short answer, I hadn’t allowed myself a way out. So I was trying to work out a way of doing so, bare in mind I was in the dark, so it made the whole thing much harder, all I could do was wait for the light again! Which I hate doing, but it will teach me for staying out to long.

After waiting for what seemed like ages for the sun to return, I dug my exit path, went back to the crafting table, scrolled through the crafting table, to see if I could make and easier way of getting in and out of the trench, low and behold, I found the stone stairs, so I made some and put them down as I didn’t want to jump to get out, as that’s what annoys me, but the stone stairs where the solution.

I had to carry on searching for coal as It wasn’t going to just appear or find itself, what I had found just wasn’t enough, needing a lot of glass, for as much light to come into my new house, the lighting in my current ‘house’ or ‘shack’ as I refer to it, is next to nothing, lets call it my temporary house, it wasn’t at all pretty and  was getting too small for all my stuff i.e. furnace, a big chest, and all the stuff in them, which was, numerous stone spades, stone pickaxes, 20 stacks of stone, sand and a lot of dirt.

Dirt comes in handy when filling in gaps, I also use stone for the same reason, which ever is closest really.

This coal search wasn’t going well, coal isn’t my best friend, so I searched the Minecraft Wiki, to find if there was another way of gaining coal to use in a furnace, and yes there was, it was a quicker way of getting coal all round, instead of mining for it, depends how lucky you are really. There are more steps in getting the coal, but it is guaranteed to give you coal, whereas with mining you might mine for days and not find any coal, so here’s the way I do it;

  • Look for a tree
  • Collect the wood, a least a stack (64)
  • Go to the furnace
  • Put half the wood as the ingredient and the other half as the fuel (strangely the wood (fuel) burns the wood (ingredient) quicker, I think 1 ½ for every piece of fuel.

This is what I do to get coal, I’m running out of trees, but this will be addressed in the next blog.

Thanks for reading



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