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Planting Trees for Charcoal | Testing Mechanisms

Posted on: June 16, 2012

As was said in the last blog, I was running out of trees, after harvesting a lot of them, I would have thought these things falling from the tree came in useful, but after having a sort out of my items, in my chests, I flicked through everything and read the descriptions on the items and stumbled upon the sapling

Saplings are an important resource obtained from leaves that allow trees to be grown.

Having read the description on saplings, I felt happy as I wouldn’t have to walk a fair distance, to find a tree and harvest it, without having the fear of losing my house, with it being small, and I can harvest and replant them, infinitely.

Having read the Minecraft Wiki, on Sapling’s they need a certain light level, and also they require a certain amount of space, dependent on the type of sapling you’ve got in your hands. Since the Xbox 360 Version is at 1.6.6 Beta, so three tree types exist in this version. And they are Birch, Spruce, and Jungle trees.

Using the Crafting Table, I created an iron door, if I had read the description which had popped up, it would have said

“An Iron Door is only able to be toggled by a switching mechanism such as Levers, Pressure Plates or a Button. If an iron door has at least one “open” signal connected then it will be “open.” However, a clever engineer can make it so that the door blocks passage when “open” and allows it when “closed”.”

Having learnt this I started having a play around with Switches, Buttons, Levers and all other mechanisms in Beta 1.6.6 PC Equivalent, so that meant lots of testing trying to open this Iron Door.

I made one button foolishly, as I would need an in button and out button, so having walked all the way round my house, I created an extra button, buttons specifically require stone, pressing the button it made the door open and stay open, so I activated the other button on the outside it did the same, it closed the door but after a second it opened again.

This puzzled me, so I tried levers this time, to see if they were any easier to use and manage, I automatically knew that four levers were needed, so created four levers and went ahead, a placed the in levers on the outside and the out lever on the inside, it was working fine with just one door, but when another door is thrown into the mix, the system doesn’t like it at all. I tried pressure plates  but they also didn’t work.

I thought ‘just take out a door’ but I knew the two door setup looked cool, So it was kept, but the doors looking cool wasn’t going to fix  this from not working. So I had to remove a door and as having made all these things and tested them, I knew the pressure plates required less action than the levers and buttons, so the pressure plates it was.

Having chosen the pressure plates, knowing that I needed a fix, I searched Google, for ‘setting up pressure plates on double doors Minecraft’ to see if there was a workaround for this thing, and there was, so I watched the video, which helped me a lot, The video is called “Minecraft How To: Making Double Doors work with pressure plates.

All I had to do was to find some Redstone, to create a circuit shown in the video. So digging to find some Redstone.

Thanks for reading



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