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Lava found | Glass Made | Stone Crafted in Minecraft

Posted on: June 30, 2012

After getting lost, I found lava by mistake actually, as it was dark and lava emits a bright light, so I was drawn to it, like an insect around a bright light at night, this was all happening when I was looking for coal (The Search for Coal). I checked what I could do with lava in Minecraft, and happily I could use it, I had to remember the path to the lava, so I found the closest source of lava, easily I must say, and tracked it back, setting up a little route, so I knew where I was going next time.

I made a bucket and set out to collect some lava and almost fell in the lava, don’t fall in shouted at the TV, back at the house I started to use in the furnace as I read up on the uses and I could get 100 blocks of anything that was able to be used in a furnace, so I put a stack of sand in and waited for it, to be done, so knowing that stacks couldnt exceed 64, I knew I would have to wait and watch until half the stack of sand was done so I could get the most from the lava, I collected the glass, and started placing it in the corners of the building, as I had stairs leading up to my house now, and as you can’t get corner stairs, I thought glass to let the light in when it was day time, rather than just kitting the room out with ridiculous amounts of torches, as that would look stupid.

After finding the elusive lava, I thought there must a way of getting just stone, and not cobblestone, so I looked in the crafting table and nothing in there, so went to the furnace, and put coal as the fuel and cobblestone as the ingredient and it worked, so I now know how to get normal stone, all I needed to do now was find a use for it.

With cobblestone being such a common item in Minecraft, collecting it was becoming tedious and boring, but it had to be done otherwise nothing would be made or created, all of a sudden walking over an unexplored piece of map, a new pop-up appeared on screen alerting me to something I hadn’t seen before, it was a rose which got me thinking, what could be made with it?

Thanks for reading, more next week.



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