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Crafting Dyes | Roses | Dandelion

Posted on: July 7, 2012

Walking back from collecting cobblestone, and a new pop-up notified me that I had seen something new, it was a red rose, the description said ‘flowers can be crafted to make dyes.’ This meant that I can dye collected wool, aswell as dying the sheep red, which will be good when the version is updated as currently you can’t capture animals or breed them yet, as in the xbox version if you pen animals in I.e. Pigs, Cows, Chickens, they will magically get out, so don’t waste you time, I sure wouldn’t.

Breeding was brought into the game at beta 1.9 pre release 2, so all Xbox users will have to wait till the 1.2.3 version is released, as 4JStudios have announced that the updates will be as follows Beta 1.73 > Beta 1.8.2 > Release 1.2.3, strange update pattern but I guess it will bring the games version closer to the PC version, which I believe is what all users want aswell as 4JStudios and also Mojang.


This is the version structure for the Xbox version of Minecraft

Rose Red (dye) can be combined with Dandelion Yellow (dye) to make orange dye, Lapis Lazuli to make purple dye, and bone meal to make a pink dye.

Having found a rose, I wanted to find a dandelion so I could see the difference between yellow wool, orange wool and red wool, I had a mission with one thing in mind and that was to locate a dandelion, so I set out to a grassy section of my world, I was walking and I saw another bunch of roses, I thought to myself, where are these dandelions, so I switched the direction and turned left, after walking for 30 seconds in the same direction, I found some dandelions, I picked them and made my way back to my house, located the chest and put them in, I didn’t craft the flowers into dyes just yet as I didn’t want to waste them aimlessly, I wanted enough wool to make sure I had set out the right design for the floor in my house, plus I didn’t want odd colours off wool around my house, and I also didn’t want random gaps in my houses floor, as that would look stupid, well it would to me.

After all Minecraft is all about making things the way you want them to look, because if you didnt then, it simply wouldn’t be Minecraft.

Thanks for Readig

More next week



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