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Updates Everywhere | Xbox updating to beta 1.7.3

Posted on: July 14, 2012

Minecraft xbox soon to be updating to Beta 1.7.3

Here is some news which all Minecrafters have been waiting for the Xbox version, the next Title update is in Microsoft Cert Testing as I type this. There has been alot of talk about what going to be fixed and updated in this version.

Minecraft XBLA Update News Beta 1.7.3

Minecraft Xbox Beta 1.7.3 News

There is also some skins news aswell, the first skins pack will be released soon before or after the title update, this will be the first DLC for the Xbox version of the game. You will also be able to try before you buy, giving you a test of a few of the skins within this pack, there will 40 skins in this pack the price is yet to be confirmed.

Here is a little teaser image for all of you Minecraft Fans

Minecraft Xbox Skins pack

Minecraft Xbox Skins pack

Some of the skin themes that will be available in the new update:
–> Creeper Man
–> ‘Splosion Man
–> Trials Man
–> Covenant Grunt
–> King

More information can be found at http://playxbla.com/get-the-skinny-on-steves-new-look-minecraft-xbox-360-edition-1-7-3-title-update-details/

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