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Save game deletion | Switching difficulty

Posted on: July 23, 2012

Deleting my save game wasn’t at the top of my list of things to do but stupidly I did, luckily all wasn’t lost as I had a backup of the save game which was done the week before, so all I had to do was re hollow out my lower level and make it look as it previously did. This would take me maximum 5 Minecraft days, if I concentrated all my time into digging everything out and also replacing the glass, then I can start to find everything again or at least try, I could also start exploring much more now as I hadn’t done great deal of exploring. My aim was to find all the ores, so diamond, lapis lazuli, gold and redstone, having already found coal and iron, they didn’t need to be on the list of ores to find.

Having deleted my save game and restored the backup, I switched the difficulty to easy from peaceful, I had gotten to grips with playing the game, the controls and all the rest of it. I felt I had enough experience in the game to change the difficulty. So I took the step. I also wanted a bow, arrows and to test them, as I wanted to add a different dimension to the game, so I started the game and set the difficulty to easy, went to sleep, woke up and left the house and saw 4 creepers all bunched together, I thought what was the best way of killing these creepers, as I knew they would explode if I got too close and if I killed them I could get gunpowder.

My first attempt failed miserably and ended up taking damn, and as it wasn’t on peaceful, the health didn’t magically replenish, I knew I had to kill some pigs to get some pork chops, but first killing creeper number two, my idea was to draw it into the water and attack when it had fallen into the water, but that failed, and I took more damage, so I dug three blocks of mud from the outside and drew the creeper into the hole, there was also a spider, knowing that I hadn’t any string to make a bow, I thought kill the spider, so I did, and it put up a fight, I had to hit it four or five times before it died, and it yielded two string. I could make a bow all I needed now was feathers and flint to start making arrows.

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