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Making a bow | Using arrows | Finding feathers

Posted on: July 28, 2012

Having killed numerous creepers, and gaining 3 gunpowder, and also killing a spider and getting two string from it, I made a bow, equipped it and as consistent with Minecraft for the Xbox a mini tutorial pop-up appeared, and it showed me how to work the bow and everything else which these mini tutorial’s show us.

I needed an arrow or two, I checked the crafting table for the ingredients for the arrows, and it said, sticks, arrows and flint, this meant I could mine gravel with a purpose and also kill chickens for their feathers.

When mining gravel there is 1 in 10 chance of getting a flint, which I thought was a good ratio. So with knowing that piece of information I took a stack of gravel out of my chest and started placing it on the ground, I placed all the stack on the ground, and after everytime I had collected all the gravel, I noticed that the amount of flints was going up and the amount of gravel was going down, I didn’t know that this happened, but once I had realised that it did happen, I thought it was good, as gravel is a pain of an item to carry round, as you can’t do anything with it, as it’s affected by gravity, so it can’t be placed like dirt or cobblestone which stays in position, it has the same properties as sand. So once the gravel had all disappeared and had a stack of flints, I could move onto collecting a few feathers. This meant finding the mobs which dropped feathers.

Finding feathers are dependent on the chickens and zombies (only applies to game version pre 1.8.2), zombies are a great source of feathers and also chickens, its just finding the things, zombies come out at night and chickens all the time, but if your in the wrong area, you wont see any, which can be annoying, as if you need arrows you will need feathers.

After the 1.8.2 update feathers will only be found on chickens as the Zombies were places holders, as Notch didn’t know which mobs would drop the feathers so he gave the feather dropping attribute to the zombies.

Next week I will be posting a non 360 edition based Minecraft Blog on Coloured glass which I hope all my readers will like.

Thanks for Reading

More next week



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