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Having switched the difficulty in my world, so that mobs could spawn, I could kill the spiders to get string and this string meant I could make a fishing rod, so I went out searching for spiders, having slept the night before and staying up a while so that the mob would spawn, so I located a nice calm spider and then attacked it, and then it started attacking me, swinging an iron sword to kill it, having killed the spider and made sticks for a fishing rod, I created it and wandered of to the closest body of water, luckily this wasn’t a large distance away, I equipped it into my hot bar and scrolled to it so I could use it.

Once the fishing rod was reached, a mini tutorial showing me how to use the rod, I followed it, and I will say it was a tricky thing to get my head around, I hear people saying “oh it just catching fish”, it was a matter of waiting for the bait to disappear into the water, and when it did you had to have lighting reactions to get the fish.

I think the mini tutorials are good as they are Xbox exclusive, I think it allows the player to use the tool/item without having to research it on the Internet, it allows the player to learn without having to quit the game, and it keeps the player on the game.

Casting the rod is simple, collecting the fish is simple, it’s just a matter of finding a body of water and having the patience to wait for a fish to get hooked.

Funny, I didn’t think fish made and appearance in the game, having swam around a little bit, I guess the reason the fish aren’t in sight when swimming around, they would cause lag in the game, or something similar and as many PC players know, lag absolutely kills the game, I’m glad that I haven’t experienced any lag on Xbox, but no doubt I will experience it, as all the new features get added in, I’m sure 4JStudios “the developers” are trying to cut out all instances of lag in the game, which I and every other Minecraft player on the Xbox welcomes I hope.

Cooking the fish is done in the same process as cooking a pork chop, I’m sure that eating a fish also replenishes the same amount of health as a pork chop.

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Whilst browsing the Minecraft forum, which I am regular poster, I found a very interesting post, the post was titled “Colored glass (the original)” I glanced over the thread at first thinking, it was a boring lifeless post, but when somebody within the Xbox section of the forum, posted the same thing or something which had the same concept, I had to find the original thread that I had in the suggestions section, I managed to find it and posted the link to the Xbox thread,

Doing this made me read the thread fully, after reading the first post, I thought the idea was very well thought through, just take these images as proof

Coloured Glass in Minecraft

Coloured Glass in Minecraft by Galactic_Muffin

Red light in Minecraft

Red crystal glowing in Minecraft by Galactic_Muffin

Green Crystals in Minecraft

Green Crystals in Minecraft by Galactic_Muffin

So you can see how much planning has gone into this, I’ve got to say galactic_muffin I would love to see this the actual game as the idea is amazing. The thought process must’ve taken a while to think how it could be implemented into the game, firstly thinking dying the glass block, like you would wool, but that would be really stupid as thats no how coloured glass is made, its made in a similar way to what has been shown, in Minecraft glass is made by putting sand into a furnace, so all you would need to do is add the specific dye colour you would like to see on your wall, and then cook it in the furnace.

To read more about this topic please visit the actual thread


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